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Terra Verde & Mary Engelbreit have simple virtues in common


Mary Engelbreit

Mary Engelbreit has been illustrating quotations and versus for decades in such whimsical, colorful ways, inspiring a simpler life, built on a foundation of virtue and time tested wisdom.

Who wouldn't want to walk the paths drawn and painted by Mary? The spirit of her artwork brings heart to the home, and inspiration to the hearth of our souls.

Mary Engelbreit has drawn inspiration from some of the worlds most acclaimed authors, including those who wrote for the Bible. Whether you are looking for verses, or quotations clipped from Jane Austen, there is likely a greeting card or calender page with a meaningful saying you can appreciate. The girlish artwork is youthful but appealing to positive spirits of all ages.

If you aren't familiar with her work, be sure to visit  and get to know this amazing woman! You can sign up for email list, follow her blog, and of course, you can even shop for her notepads and accessories. 

Terra Verde storefront

What does this have to do with boutique shopping, you fashionistas may be asking yourselves right now?

Come visit Terra Verde in downtown Colorado Springs, at 208 N Tejon. The store front itself is like a Mary Engelbreit card, appearing small and simple, yet so full of heart felt treasure! Terra Verde has a small destination boutique style, in a floor space the size of three boutiques.

The front of the store offers nick-nack's, jewelry, and thoughtful gifts, as well as soothing products for the body and spirit. Lavender, Pomegranate, and other finely scented soaps, candles, wine glasses, and photo frames among many other souvenirs making Terra Verde a must-stop shop for out of town tourists and locals alike. As you make your way to what you think is the back of the store, you will find an array of colorful, natural fiber clothing fit for the modestly conservative, and the Earth inspired outdoorsy types alike. These are investment pieces infused with Southwest charm. That is to say, if you plan to build or supplement your wardrobe at Terra Verde, you will need to be prepared to spend some dough. 

Don't let the clothing department fool you! By the time you have soaked in so treasures, and contemplated your personal style, you have only made it half way through the store. Behind the clothing, you will be treated to my personal favorite part of this quaint, not little, boutique. Home decor, garden supplies, books and more galore continues to fill your senses with the simple desires of a shabby chic lifestyle in the Rocky Mountains.

Treat yourself to what it would feel like to step inside a Mary Engelbreit postcard, and visit Terra Verde today. Stop in on a Friday between 4 and 6 pm to receive 10% off all full price items. 

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