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Terminus cannibals? Clues suggest maybe not for ‘The Walking Dead’ season 5

Is Terminus full of cannibals? Maybe or maybe not, say the folks that bring you "The Walking Dead." The season 4 finale suggests that Terminus is full of people eating people, but looks are often deceiving.
Is Terminus full of cannibals? Maybe or maybe not, say the folks that bring you "The Walking Dead." The season 4 finale suggests that Terminus is full of people eating people, but looks are often deceiving.
AMC The Walking Dead

Looks are deceiving and this just might be the case with what looked like a group of Terminus cannibals on the season 4 finale of “The Walking Dead.” There are clues that suggest what looked like a place to slaughter, cook and eat people, might be something else all together. If they are cannibals, what a novel idea they've orchestrated to survive.

For the Terminus cannibals to survive, there is no need to go out and hunt, they baited weary travelers to come to them with signs posted that promised a sanctuary for all who make the trek.

According to the Metro West Daily News on March 31, Robert Kirkman claims that you should “assume nothing.” He said “for the record,” that the folks who bring you “The Walking Dead” will not reveal that these people at Terminus are cannibals, but they are not denying it either.

Kirkman said that there was nothing in episode 16, the season 4 finale, that showed the Terminus folks as definitely being cannibals. He’s right, nothing showed them killing, cooking or eating people.

All the signs were there, like the gigantic grill with an overabundance of meat cooking when wildlife is so scarce that Daryl almost lost his life over a rabbit. While Rick, Michonne, Carl and Daryl tried to make their escape out of Terminus they passed by what looked like human bones in one pile and what looked like a lot of meat drying out in another section.

The Terminus people took Maggie and Glen’s belongings and were wearing them when Rick and his group arrived. Why would they strip them of their things and lock them up if they planned on letting these people live in a “sanctuary” alongside of them?

It looked as if the railroad car, which was a make-shift jail, might serve a dual purpose. It looked like a place where they fatten-up their captive prey before slaughtering them to eat their meat. When Rick and his group were getting into the railroad car, the camera scanned down to show a pile of empty food containers, like a clue that the folks inside are getting fed well.

Terminus is “but one stop” for next season’s episodes in a season that will take “The Walking Dead” cast to a lot of locations, claims Kirkman. You won’t know the full extent of what goes on at Terminus and the story of the people there until season 5 starts up.

Some of the clues that might support the possibility of Terminus not being a cannibal camp start with the fact that the Terminus folks let Rick and his group keep their weapons. When they took off running to make a getaway, hundreds of shots rang out, but no one was hit. Rick even said that they were “shooting at their feet.”

If they were going to be dinner, why wouldn’t they just kill them at that time? Maybe they needed to keep them alive because without refrigeration, there is no way to keep the meat fresh, but to keep the folks it belongs to alive.

Terminus people were very mechanical acting, going about their business like a bunch of robots. In the true “The Walking Dead” fashion, they presented Terminus as a cannibal camp, but they also rolled out enough hints to make a case for the place to really be a sanctuary when all is said and done.

Don’t forget, Rick made the first move, he was going to kill a man unless he told him where he got the watch from. The people fought back, but not with the intent on harming them, they just locked up Rick and his company.

As far as Maggie, Glenn and the others who are locked up, maybe they too behaved in the same type of way once seeing something suspicious. No one knows what preceded Maggie and Glenn’s lockup. So is Terminus filled with people eating people or is it a place that will make a good home once Rick, Maggie, Glenn, Daryl and the rest of them calm down?

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