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'Terminator: Genesis' with Arnold Schwarzenegger starts filming in New Orleans

Actor Arnold Schwartzenegger arrives at the Alliance For Children's Rights Gala Awards October 29, 2001 in Beverly Hills, CA. National Broadcast Company president Jeff Zucker is being honored with the National Champion for Children Award.
Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

According to NOLA on Monday, filming started for "Terminator: Genesis" in New Orleans, most specifically the method of principal photography. Notably the only film in the franchise that didn't star Arnold Schwarzenegger was Christian Bale's "Terminator: Salvation" and had expressed his dislike of having not been in the fourth sequel. Apparently being the governor of California took up too much of his time, but now, "he's back".

"Terminator: Genesis" is currently without plot, but as people who are familiar with the previous films, the synopsis was basically an ongoing battle between humans and machines. An element of time travel was the main Achilles heel in order to take out young John Connor prior to being born, then again as a computer hacking kid, and then as a derelict living off the grid and for good reason.

The fifth installment is under the direction of "Thor: The Dark World's" Alan Taylor and the following cast will entail "Game of Thrones'" Emilia Clark as Sarah Connor, "Zero Dark Thirty's" Jason Clarke as John Connor, "A Good Day to Die Hard's" Jai Courtney as Kyle Reese.

Though the plot of the film is quiet, Schwarzenegger gave some insight into it by expressing there's some twists in the film and considering the fact there's some time travel involved there is a younger T-800. Also, he explained there could be a situation in which the Terminator robot could get reprogrammed after someone gets a hold of it.

Also, what could be entailed as intriguing is that Miles Dyson, the man who had unknowingly invented the technology that would lead to humankind's demise, has a son involved in this plot that goes by the name of Danny Dyson played by "The Hunger Games'" Dayao Okeniyi.

The sequel will also be produced by David Ellison and "Terminator: Genesis" is scheduled to be released in theaters come July 1, 2015.

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