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Terminally ill man must find home for two senior cats

A terminally ill man who is in hospice has two elderly cats - and he's hoping that they can find a home in Oregon soon. His daughter, Carla Nordlinder, discussed these sweet cats with Seattle Pets Examiner.

Kalif hopes you can help her find a home and stay out of the shelter.
Carla Nordlinder
Terminally ill man must find home for two senior cats
Carla Nordlinder

The cats, who are located in Central Oregon, would do best if they found a home in the area. "I don't want to stress them out with a long car ride," stated Carla.

The cats are seniors - approximately 15-20 years old. Their front paws are declawed and they both have significant arthritis, but are otherwise healthy. If the cats cannot find homes soon, they will have to go to an animal shelter. "They'll likely be euthanized, due to their age," Carla said sadly.

Kayliff (pronounced Cay-liff) is a black, medium-sized domestic short hair. She's declawed in the front and has been a one man cat her entire life. She was originally adopted from Bend Humane Society and was already declawed when she was adopted.

Bacci (pronounced Baw-Chee) is a long-haired calico. She's a large cat who is possibly part Maine coon and she sleeps most of the time. She loves affection at bedtime, but otherwise, she's happy to be left alone.

"She recently had an infected anal gland and required some vet care, otherwise, she's in seemingly good health," explained Carla. "She does have arthritis as well and grumps at some touching and handling, so she's apparently in some pain - just not enough to require medication at this time.

"Bacci was also adopted from the BHS shelter. She was brought in from Crooked River Ranch and was covered in burrs an sticks, but otherwise appeared to have been loved prior to that."

Carla's mother passed away in November of 2005. "Since then, the cats have had little social life besides my father, who is pretty low key and routine-oriented. They would be best in a no-dog or old dog home."

Can you please help these senior sweethearts avoid a trip to the shelter, where they will likely be euthanized? Please share their story! If you're interested in adopting one or both of these cats, please contact Carla at nordlinderb @ msn. com.

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