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Teresa Magel, a feminine perspective

Bouquet of Desire, reflective beauty;.
Bouquet of Desire, reflective beauty;.

“I see beauty in bees, butterflies, hummingbirds, flowers of all kinds, birds, in colors,” describes Teresa Magel, “in jewels and designs, in scents, in music, in passionate moments, like kisses, in old love, in new love, in desire, in want and need.” She is found at Her work is feminine, flowery paintings with collages and layers of pastel colors. It is most like Georgia O’Keefe or Klimt; of faces hidden by flowers and colored lips.

Bouquet of Desire
Teresa Magal

Magel has been painting for 10 to 14 years, and has been shown for 8 years. “I have work presently at the Gifted Hands Gallery in Crown Center in Kansas City, MO; Old Pass Gallery, Raton, NM; Onessimo Fine Art, Palm Beach Gardens, FL,” Magel says “and have recently been accepted into Kansas City’s own Arts Incubators.'

Magel is a self-taught artist. “I have had no formal training in painting or form,” Magel says. “Everything I now know about art, I've learned from books and from fellow artists.” Her favorite artists are John Singer Sargent, Klimt, Tamara De Limpicka, Frida Khalo, and Modigliani for his art ethics. Her favorite painting is Olympia by Manet.

“My inspiration is beauty, which I find in many, many places,” Magel says. “My art has always been about defining femininity- its beauty, its lust, its passion, its strength and its fragility.”