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Teresa Joe face prison: Teresa Giudice, husband Joe plead guilty in court

Joe and Teresa Giudice heading to court on March 4
Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images

Teresa and Joe face prison time after pleading guilty in court on March 4. According to, Joe and Teresa Giudice were very composed in court as they listened to the judge and responded politely when asked questions. The couple -- who previously denied all charges publicly -- are now both facing jail time though their sentences will not be as severe as they could have been had they not agreed to the plea deal.

"Under their plea agreement, and per sentencing guidelines for those charges, Teresa Giudice would spend less than two years in prison, while Joe Giudice would spend a minimum of three years behind bars," reports

Joe and Teresa Giudice face prison time after they were charged with 41 counts of fraud back in July. Both of them could have been put away for decades so this plea deal was easily a saving grace -- and their only option. At this point it is unclear how long Joe and Teresa will be going to jail for, but they both reportedly "agreed" to jail time as part of this plea deal.

Joe and Teresa have four daughters together. Many have wondered what will happen to the kids if their parents end up going to prison and after today, this concern has become very real.

Joe and Teresa Giudice will face their sentencing on July 8 (via Us Weekly).

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