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Teresa Guidice fake: Reports came out she gave Gia fake ring on show

Teresa Giudice
Photo by Kena Betancur/Getty Images

This week on a new episode of "The Real Housewives of New Jersey" Teresa Guidice was seen giving her daughter Gia an amazing ring for her thirteen birthday. It was gorgeous and looked like a really big diamond ring. Now reports are coming out that it wasn't what it appeared. On Tuesday, The Hollywood Gossip shared that this ring was fake and it was all staged.

Here is what a close source to the situation had to say, "The diamond ring had been given to Teresa about a year ago by a jeweler in New Jersey. Teresa wanted to give Gia the ring on camera to give publicity to the jeweler." It is just one source saying this so far.

When she gave the ring to Gia, she explained that her mother gave it to her. Teresa made it sound like it was a really big deal. Gia said it was really pretty and teased that it wouldn't fit her sausage fingers, but then she was able to get it on her hand. It seemed like a really nice ring and full of diamonds. Joe and Teresa acted really happy to give it to her.

So far Teresa Giudice is not speaking out about this ring. Hopefully she will say something soon. Once she hears about the reports, she will probably be on social networks saying that this is not true at all. If it is real ring from her family, there is no reason for her to not speak out. Now if she did fake the scene then Teresa might just decide to ignore this entire thing and hope it just goes away soon.

She has been on Twitter, but not about this at all. Her recent tweets are pretty much just promoting things. If she talks, that will probably be where it is at and fans should be watching.

You can see Teresa and her daughter Gia Giudice on new episodes of "The Real Housewives of New Jersey." They air on Sunday night on Bravo. This has been a great season full of drama and there should be a lot more about their legal problems coming soon.

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