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Teresa Giudice deals with court drama on 'RHONJ,' filming now: Too much reality?

Teresa Giudice to star in her own court drama on "RHONJ."
Teresa Giudice to star in her own court drama on "RHONJ."

Teresa Giudice of “Real Housewives of New Jersey” is giving the audience access to the behind the scenes drama of her court battle before she stands trial for fraud. Giudice realizes that this is serious and it is not a charge that will end with a slap on her bling donned wrist. Giudice and the other ladies are already filming the season six and she’s got plenty of drama to share this time around.

Giudice’s life as she knows it hangs in the balance as she and her husband Joe Giudice face the 39-count indictment including the charges of fraud, according to Wet Paint on March 11. Andy Cohen, the name behind the “Real Housewives” has got himself a new and never before tackled story line on the show. Cohen agrees there will be plenty of drama this season but makes it clear his first concerns are with the couple’s children.

While there will be plenty about the court case, Cohen is keeping the kids first and foremost during the filming this season. If Teresa is placed under house arrest in lieu of prison, Cohen is asked if she’ll still appear on “Real Housewives,” and Cohen basically said they’d cross that bridge when they come to it. He wants her to get through the sentencing and then he plans to talk to her about her future on the show.

While it will be interesting to see the inner workings of a family facing the very real possibility of a prison sentence, the Giudice’s four young girls, Gia, 13; Gabriella, 9; Milania, 8; and Audriana, 4 will be in a very awkward place.

While the kids couldn’t hide this from their friends, it was headline news, they now have the cameras moving around their home life as they deal with this in the privacy of their own home. Any way you look at it, the show will get a very detailed look at the Giudice’s facing possible incarceration, as they are filming while they wait for the court appearance. How will that work for the girls, as kids can be so cruel at school?

With the Giudice’s opening up their home to the cameras during this harrowing time, some find it in poor taste while others are looking forward to actually see the inner workings of the family in crisis mode. When is enough, enough when it comes to these reality shows?

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