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Teresa Giudice celebrates Dina Manzo's birthday

Dina Manzo's birthday dinner with sister Fran and friend Teresa Giudice.
Dina Manzo's birthday dinner with sister Fran and friend Teresa Giudice.Dina Manzo/Instagram

Teresa Giudice has entered her guilty plea, but just like before, the "Real Housewives of New Jersey" star is doing her best to go on with life as normal.

Over the weekend, she did just that during a birthday dinner for her longtime friend.

According to a March 11 report by Wetpaint Entertainment, Teresa recently celebrated the birthday of her close friend and co-star, Dina Manzo, and during the dinner, Dina shared a photo of herself and Teresa with fans.

In the caption to the photo, Dina wrote, "One of several bday dinners last night with two of my favs."

At this point in her life, Teresa needs the love and support of those close to her, and for years, Dina has been very close to her. In fact, the pair are extremely close friends, so she is likely someone who Teresa has opened up to on many occasions and will continue to do so as time goes on.

Following Teresa's guilty plea, she and her husband Joe, who also plead guilty, will appear in court at their sentencing hearing which is scheduled for July 8. During the hearing, the reality pair, who are the parents of four daughters, will find out how much time they will do behind bars.