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Terapeak eBay Research launches new FREE Keyword Tool for eBay sellers


When you sell an item on eBay, the most important part of the process is creating a title that will pull in prospective buyers. If you do not use the right keywords in your title, buyers will not find your item. Little to no buyer traffic means a lower selling price, or worse yet-no sale at all.

When you are creating a title, it is important to know which items your buyers are searching on eBay and the Internet in general.

One of the leading eBay research tools, eBay Research by Terapeak has launched a free keyword tool application for eBay Selling Manager. It works much like a simplified version of their online Terapeak Title Builder tool, which Terapeak subscribers may already be familiar with.

This tool is simple and easy to use. You simply start by typing in a few keywords into the box, and Terapeak will provide you with 20 suggested keywords related to your search. They also show statistics on the average, minimum and maximum prices for each suggested keyword. You can keep working on your title within the application until you have used up all 55 characters (which I always recommend).
This data is pulling from the 100 recently closed eBay listings, so it is always current.

To add Terapeak Keywords to your Selling Manager Applications, just click on the Applications tab. Best of all, it is free!  

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