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'TERA: Rising' celebrates birthday with new class

Exciting news for action MMORPGTERA: Rising” coming this May. Since the blockbuster game came to North America with publisher En Masse Entertainment in 2012 it has continued to grow in popularity. “TERA: Rising” is celebrating it’s two year anniversary with special events and the release of a new class throughout the month of May.

Meet the Reaper, a new class for MMORPG "TERA: Rising".  A chained blades wielding, deadly little fighter.  This new character class is a special birthday surprise for the games second birthday.
Meet the Reaper, a new class for MMORPG "TERA: Rising". A chained blades wielding, deadly little fighter. This new character class is a special birthday surprise for the games second birthday.
En Masse Entertainment
'TERA: Rising" celebrates 2nd birthday with new Reaper Class.
En Masse Entertainment

For those not familiar with “TERA” the game got it’s start in South Korea back in 2011 and the name is actually an abbreviation for “The Exiled Realm of Arborea”. The 3D fantasy themed game allows players to explore a world created by Titans but defended by mortals against a race of metallic under-worldlings called Argons.

There’s a nice selection of races and classes to chose from. One of the highlights of the game is it’s real-time combat battle system that uses a third-person camera view. The artwork for the game is lovely and combines adorable whimsy with intimidating strength showing traces of it’s Korean heritage. Oh yeah, and you can play for free.

Since the games creation it’s player base has grown to 3 million and is now played in South Korea, Japan, Europe and North America.

Now that “TERA: Rising” is turning two, players will get to celebrate with special ingame events. En Masse announced that there will be a new class called the Reaper being added to the game. This new Reaper Class will be available May 13.

“TERA: Rising continues to deliver the best action MMO experience to our growing legion of players,” said En Masse Entertainment Executive Producer Brian Knox. “To mark the two-year milestone for our flagship game, we are going to expand TERA: Rising’s content by offering a brand new class—the reaper. This new class comes free and coupled with new content and activities that further enhance the world of TERA: Rising.”

The Reaper Class is a deadly two-weapon fighter,using chained blades, with close and mid-range combat options. This new class will only be available to players who have already reached level 40 with a character of another class and have an open character slot on the same server as the pre-qualifying character. The new class looks very fun to play and should be worth giving a try.

New to “TERA: Rising”? Now is as good a time as any to get involved with the MMO. This special month-long birthday bash is full of special events that will make leveling your new characters easier. It will be a great way to unlock the shiny new Reaper Class as well.

May 1-31 players will receive special rewards in their Parcel Post when reaching milestone levels 20, 30, 4, 50 and 60 during the leveling Event. A sweet reward for all that hard work. Visit the official site for a list of the leveling rewards.

May 2-13 there will be a double XP event! Perfect for unlocking the new Reaper Class, during this event all kills will earn players double XP. This doesn’t extend to quest XP but will still make a huge difference in leveling up a character. Farming might be a good idea over the weekend.

And of course the Reaper is being released on May 13. An exciting new addition to the game and a fitting way to celebrate the game’s successful second year. To learn more about the Reaper Class, the special anniversary events or the latest news and updates for “TERA: Rising” visit their website.

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