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Tequila and salt new ghost-be-gone, says Emma Roberts

Emma Roberts
Emma Roberts
Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images

Getting rid of spooky ghosts can be tricky, but actress Emma Roberts thinks she’s found the solution, reports MTV News on May 13. While she is making no claims that her solution will work for anyone, Roberts believes that offering the spirits in her hotel room a shot of tequila with a side of salt kept them at bay during her several month stay in New Orleans. She credits her ghost-be-gone solution to a tour guide of one of the ghost tours in New Orleans.

Emma admits that she tends to be a bit of a ghost freak and often thinks the locations where she stays are haunted. While filming “American Horror Story: Coven”, Roberts decided to take a ghost tour of New Orleans, a city known for its ghostly tales and haunted locations. Overcome by the eeriness of the location, Roberts sought the advice of the tour guide to keep the spirits away. While she expected instructions to perform eerie rituals, what she got was advice to leave an offering for the ghostly visitors that haunt the city.

The offering, of course, was spirits, but not the ghostly kind. When the tour guide suggested Emma Roberts offer tequila and salt to the ghosts, she didn’t argue. Roberts says she placed it on the counter and told the spirits to help themselves. Although it isn’t clear whether Roberts actually believed the tequila and salt would keep the spirits away, she does say it appeared to work. According to Roberts, everyone else had spooky happenings to report during filming and she was the only one who did not.

While Robert’s tale may seem amusing to skeptics, salt has been used to since Biblical time to cleanse and purify and is believed to oust negative energy or evil spirits, says Spirit and Ghost, a website devoted to angels, demons and the paranormal. In fact, placing a bowl of salt in an area where spirits are thought to inhibit is believed to cast them out. Whether the ghostly visitors in Emma Roberts’s room enjoyed the offering of tequila and salt is unknown, but some would say it was the salt that chased them away.