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Tents vs. trailers

Tents vs. trailers
Tents vs. trailers

When you think of camping, generally you think of tents, campfires, and cooking over an open fire right? Maybe sleeping under the stars?

There are some amazing tents out there. The Kodiak Canvas Tent -, or the Springbar Tent can be set up in a matter of minutes with enough room to stand and change in. While spacious, that room comes at a price. Canvas is HEAVY (50+lbs), and takes up a LOT of room, even when rolled up. Usually there are at least two large bags, and a pole bag, so say goodbye to any trunk space, unless your in a truck.

Roof top tents are also a good option, getting you up off the ground, and make for a super fast set up and tear down. The bonus is that they also carry all the sleeping bags and pillows when you are ready to pack, have great built in mattresses, and most can be built onto with zip-on exterior rooms. The disadvantage, though, is having to take the tent down every time you want to move your vehicle. It’s a great call though if you tend to park in one place for your whole trip.

…And then there are the tents that take FOREVER (and a lot of cursing) to get standing, and when it’s late and cold, and all you want to do is sleep, it can get very frustrating very quickly.

Enter the off road travel trailer. A little home away from home that can be towed behind your rig and go pretty much wherever you want it to. These little beauties come anywhere from fully equipped with TV and a Sat dish to home builds that have seen better days. Either way they are a traveling bed, making it very easy to pull into camp and go right to sleep. Generally equipped with electric (sometimes solar) lighting, it’s very easy to set up and unhitch when you roll into a campsite at 2am, making it a great alternative to a tent that takes a while to set up, and can remain in one spot while still allowing you to be mobile.

Whichever way you chose to go, camping is always a good way to get away from it all. Be it for one day or several. Happy Trails!