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Tensions grow as the novelty wears off

Then comes the civil unrest
Then comes the civil unrest
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Many thought having a Black American as president would keep the civil unrest down in our black ghetto communities. However it appears the strain of the daily stress of dealing with no jobs, higher food prices, higher gas prices, constant negative news is beginning to take its toll and anger is taking over.

The borders of our southern states are literally being invaded by people from other countries willing to risk their lives and their children lives to come over here because they know once they get in, they will have free housing, free food, free school for their children with free lunches and free medical care without ever having to pay a dime in taxes. They know the passive Caucasians at the federal level of this country will not have the courage to stop them.

Meanwhile, those of us of all colors trying to make a living get more frustrated everyday with the unfairness of the whole game plan. What is the game plan? One has to wonder why it has taken this long for the anger and frustration to finally spew out.

If we had a Republican, White American as president at this time, one has to wonder how many riots and protests would have already been out on the streets. How long will the media blame Bush? It’s almost ridiculous.

Nonetheless, another protest is being planned for the shooting a young black man who engaged in a struggle with a police officer in Los Angeles. And now another man has been shot in St. Louis as he participated with a group that confronted the St. Louis police and pointed a loaded weapon at a cop and was shot by the cop.

Get ready America. You can say you don’t care. You can say don’t watch it, but if you do not start caring, these problems have a way of starting as isolated incidents and then the anger spreads to all corners and then the next thing you know, you'll find yourself in a police state and in a position where you will have to defend yourself or get hurt or killed. But maybe this is all part of the game plan. Civil unrest will give the government entities more power over us and then who knows what is going to happen next.

Stay tuned.

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