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TENS device proven to relieve short-term and chronic pain

Alleviates Chronic Back Pain
Alleviates Chronic Back Pain

Do you have chronic pain or muscle soreness? Are you looking for a drug-free way to manage your pain? The TENS 3000 device is a simple, effective, drug-free and inexpensive way to reduce or eliminate your pain.

What is it?

Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) electronic stimulators have been used by physical therapists, sports therapists and chiropractors for years as a drug-free method of relief from short-term and chronic muscle pain. Fortunately now, the same technology is available for home-use for less than the cost of your co-pay at the specialist’s office.

The TENS 3000 device is a portable, analog, easy-to-use device used successfully by medical professionals, serious athletes or the average person looking to alleviate symptoms of chronic pain or short-term pain.

In most cases, the device works to reduce or eliminate the pain. The device is battery operated (9-volt) and can be used in any area of the body suggested by your healthcare professional, such as the back, shoulders, or knees.

How does it work?

Pain is our body’s method of telling us that something is wrong. Pain doesn’t begin until a coded message travels from the site through your spinal cord to your brain. Your brain decodes the message and tells the body, through your nerves, that pain is felt. This device interrupts those signals and modifies your brain’s perception of pain. It’s a simple but effective solution that can offer hours of relief or even eliminate pain completely.

You apply the electrodes to the site of your pain, and the device then sends electrical impulses to the electrodes. Those millions of tiny, fast impulses entering your body will travel through your spinal cord and to your brain faster than your pain signals. Because your brain can only register a limited amount of signals, the pain signals are outnumbered by the millions of soothing electrical impulses. The unit also stimulates the brain to generate release of the body’s naturally occurring painkillers (opioids): endorphins, enkephalins, and dynorphins.

Pulse Modes

The TENS 3000 has three different pulse modes. Each mode releases pulses which stimulate different types of relief from pain.

Standard mode’s pleasant continuous flow of pulses slows down pain signals, and produces numbness in the area that can last for hours.

Burst mode’s rhythmic pulses cause muscle reflex activity—muscle twitching—by pulsing twice every second. The brain becomes preoccupied and concentrates on the active muscle twitching and essentially ignores the pain signals. This reflex activity over a longer period also stimulates the brain’s release of natural opioids, offering hours of natural pain relief.

Modulate mode’s preoccupies the nerves by a cycle of pulse frequency and intensity.

Time Duration

The onset of pain relief can take at least 30 minutes, depending on your level of pain. The unit is pre-equipped with 15 minute, 30 minute, and continuous duration settings. The TENS device can be used safely and continuously for several hours or as long as your doctor advises—up to 36 hours in some cases. One battery can last up to 50 hours.


The kit comes with everything you need—even the battery. The electrode pads may lose some of their adhesive qualities after several uses, but replacement pads can be purchased—we recommend the premium silver electrode pads. Other extras can be purchased additionally, such as skin prep wipes, pain relief gel, and rechargeable batteries.

Would I recommend it?

Yes. Regardless of your pain level, it is worth a try. The fact that it is a proven drug-free way to help manage pain, combined with the features, ease-of-use, and affordable price, makes the TENS 3000 unit a great—if not the best—deal. It is available for purchase through various companies and websites selling medical supplies.

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