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Tennessee WR coach & recruiting coord. gives grades & talks early signing period

Tennessee Volunteers WR coach & recruiting coordinator Zach Azzanni
Tennessee Volunteers WR coach & recruiting coordinator Zach Azzanni
University of Tennessee Athletics

Tennessee Volunteers recruiting coordinator and wide receivers coach Zach Azzanni was a recent guest on the News Sentinel Sports Page with Vince Ferrara and Evan Woodbery.

You can listen to that entire conversation with Zach Azzanni HERE.

He was outstanding. He gave very thoughtful answers. Here are just a few quotes from our visit with him here on The Sports Animal.

Azzanni on expectations about the talented wide receivers he has:
“I read some articles that people write. We’re like, we might as well just retire we’re so good already. Some of these guys haven’t played a snap yet and they’re already crowning them.”

Azzanni on the previously suspended WR Alton "Pig" Howard:
“He has a list of expectations he needs to meet in order to jog out through that Power T here in the fall. Whether it’s academically, socially, football wise…just some things between me, him and Coach Jones that he needs to prove to us, his teammates, himself that he can do on a daily basis consistently. So far so good.”

Azzanni on an early signing period:
“I can’t imagine if 14 of those guys wouldn’t have come on campus early. To manage those 30 plus guys (2014 signing class) all the way through February would have been a nightmare. Essentially that was an early signing period for us, if you’re kind of getting where I’m coming from there. Those guys were on-campus so we didn’t have to worry about those 14 anymore. We could focus on trying to sign that second half. It really made me think about, wow, wherever that early signing period comes, it would certainly help. It would clear things up, and I tell you what else it would do, it would not waste a lot of other coaches times maybe at different schools, lower levels, whatever it is, because it clears the picture for everybody.”

Azzanni’s grades on his wide receiver group, 1 to 10:
Route Running: 5
Blocking: 7
Hands: 7 or 8
Toughness: 7
Coachability: 10

Some of the other topics they discussed with Coach Azzanni:
-The number of days off he’s had since the end of spring practice
-How the spring evaluations have changed
-Reactions in recruiting when they see the Power T of Tennessee
-How much the new NCAA rule where they can meet with players in the offseason has helped
-Alton “Pig” Howard
-Team visit from Adam “Pacman” Jones
-What he thought about Bo Pelini suggesting to do away with National Signing Day.
-Grades for different aspects of his WRs: route running, blocking, hands, toughness and coachability

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