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Tennessee waitress in need of miracle gets $1075 tip

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According to the Huffington Post, a Tennessee couple blessed a waitress, Khadijah Muhammad with a huge tip amounting to $1,075, January 31, 2014. This is truly a story of the miracle working power of God.

Muhammad was working at a local Cheddar’s Café to make ends meet.

The 26-year-old wife heard of others giving tips, and wanted to do something similar. She, her husband and son were eating at the local Cheddar’s restaurant and spent $29.30 on food. The wife was impressed with Khadijah’s service, and chose Khadijah to be the recipient.

“God put it on my heart after your amazing service.” Tennessee Couple

The couple had relocated to Tennessee and hadn’t decided where to send this month’s tithe money.

Muhammad had just returned home from attending to her ill mother in Ohio, and had taken lots of time off.

“I had a disconnection notice on my door…this was the perfect time…everything that was going on, it was just amazing.” Khadijah Muhammad.

Goes to show how God blesses you when you do a great job, and how he leads you when you are obedient.

Are you doing the best you can on your job, and do you tithe?


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