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Tennessee Town has History of Animal Cruelty

Animal Cruelty
Animal Cruelty

SMITHVILLE, Tennessee - Despite all the negative press surrounding the City of Smithville and DeKalb County from last year's fundraiser, in which participants stabbed, beat and killed hundreds of frogs - another frog event is scheduled to take place this Friday.

But these frog events aren't the only abuses taking place in Smithville. Earlier this year, local residents were up in arms when dead dogs were found at the city shelter because the workers failed to show up.

Hunter Shaffer of the Global Conservation Group released a statement:

"We were honestly shocked to learn that another "Giggin For Grads" event would be happening this Friday. My first thought was, "What are they thinking?". Last year's "Giggin For Grads" event did nothing good for the community, and wasted hundreds of lives. What more will this one do? In light of the past history of DeKalb County and Smithville, how could anyone want to visit such a place? I recall a few months back, the Smithville city pound was discovered to be abhorrently neglecting animals. The result? Smithville Mayor Jimmy Poss stood up for the shelter, going so far as to say they take “good care” of the animals. With the shelter abuse, senseless annual killings of frogs...Is the City of Smithville trying to form a town of horrors? Because if they're not...I really have not a clue as to their reasoning for all of these atrocities."

Local business owners also want the frog killing event cancelled. Some are worried it will cause the city and their business financial difficulty. One business owner anonymously spoke to saying "I'm a small business owner here and from my perspective, going forth with this event despite the rising opposition to it on a national scale is a signification of the inability to adapt to more humane times. Taking into account all of the bad press they have and are bound to receive, on top of their failure to respond to genuine concern, I think a financial collapse in Dekalb County and surrounding counties at this point would not shock me."

Global Conservation Group and Nashville Animal Advocacy have partnered on a campaign to put a halt to cruelty in Smithville. They have launched a petition and a campaign site called "" The organizations have also filed ten state and federal reports against event coordinators.

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