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Tennessee Titans turnovers send Steelers home smiling

Devastating defense
Devastating defense
AP Photo/John Russell

The Tennessee Titans followed up one of their best first game performances in the history of the team with one of their worst games ever. What a difference a week makes. Does this mean that it’s going to become a long schizophrenic season? The only Titans that seemed to show up to play today were the defense and Kerry Collins who had 149 yards and one touchdown in just over a quarter of playing time. Unfortunately, he also added an interception, one of seven … yes ‘seven’ turnovers by the Titans, the most in any of their games in the past ten years.

The defense deserves an A++ rating for today’s game, limiting the Pittsburg Steelers to 127 total yards, and racking up another four sacks to match their four in game one. Due to Tennessee’s multiple turnovers, their defense had to spend nearly 34 minutes on the field, but it was the offense that appeared to be suffering from heat stroke. The offensive line allowed four sacks and was unable to open up any holes for Chris Johnson to run through. Overall the offense was extremely anemic, with a mere 238 total yards, one touchdown and one field goal.

Vince Young experienced one of his worst days on the field of battle with only 66 passing yards, 12 yards rushing, two interceptions and a fumble. The hyper-physical Steelers, nearly broke Young in half in the third quarter, and probably should have been called for unnecessary roughness on the passer. The Steelers’ rock solid defense limited Chris Johnson to a meager 34 yards on 16 carries and one fumble, and stopped him two games short of Barry Sanders’ record of fourteen100 yard rushing games.

I predicted that to win this game, the Titans had to hold on to the ball, increase their passing yards, continue their powerful ground game, and be consistent on special teams. On the opening kickoff, our special teams allowed Antonio Brown to scamper 89 yards for a touchdown. On the Titans opening kickoff return, they fumbled. In the grand scheme of the game, the Steelers won the game on the points from the opening kickoff, along with the Titans’ seven turnovers that set up four field goals. The biggest shame factor of the game is that our boys allowed themselves to be beaten by the Steelers’ third and fourth string quarterbacks. The Titans need to get back up, learn from their mistakes and turn things around as they head to NY to face the Giants next Sunday. The biggest question on all our minds is, “Which team will show up for game three?”