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Tennessee's Medicaid Gap - County by County

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The Tennessee Justice Center has provided dedicated volunteers with the actual numbers of Tennesseans in each county who will be adversely affected by the Republican Supermajority’s determination not to expand Medicaid. These figures come from the U.S. Census Bureau and The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and include a margin of error. They include citizens from 18 – 64 years old of both sexes whose income is less than 138% of the Federal Poverty Level.

Governor Haslam and the TennCare Bureau like to say the number of ‘Medicaid Gap’ people in Tennessee is between 161,000 and 175,000. They reel off these figures confidently because:
• Some of the uninsured will incomes between 100% and 133% of the Federal Poverty Level and will therefore be eligible for tax credits.
• Some of the uninsured are currently eligible for TennCare and not aware of this.
• Some uninsured will never sign up for TennCare under any circumstances.

Actually the total number caught in the ‘Medicaid Gap’, according to the twin authorities noted above, is 367,766. Gordon Bonnyman of the Tennessee Justice Center places the number at <361,000. Individual county numbers for Anderson through Crockett Counties are listed below.

County # in Gap % of Population in Gap % Margin of Error
Anderson 3,559 35.65% 4.1%
Bedford 3,688 47.00% 4.6%
Benton 1,031 37.20% 4.3%
Bledsoe 803 36.50% 4.4%
Blount 5,996 40.10% 4.2%
Bradley 6,002 38.60% 4.1%
Campbell 2,543 31.20% 3.7%
Cannon 845 38.40% 4.7%
Carroll 1,645 35.50% 4.1%
Carter 3,774 35.70% 4.1%
Cheatham 1,938 44.80% 4.8%
Chester 919 36.30% 4.8%
Claiborne 1,877 31.80% 4.0%
Clay 573 36.00% 4.5%
Cocke 2,628 34.20% 3.9%
Coffee 3,275 39.30% 4.5%
Crockett 1,042 42.70% 4.6%

Look for further installments of this county-by-county summary.



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