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Tennessee's gubernatorial candidates on evolution



  • EricM 5 years ago

    Man, I almost spit when I read this quote:

    "To choose one or the other would ignore the beliefs of large numbers of Tennesseans."

    Beliefs are on par with scientific facts in Tennessee public schools? Should we really be teaching beliefs in school? In science class?!?

    Great article, Corey.

  • Mario 5 years ago

    Bible literalists are scum. They're the f***ing morons of the planet. So somehow it's better to think that humans were made from dirt? All those fossils of homonid ancestors, and people still want to believe in the fairy tale of Adam and Eve and the Garden of Eden and a f***ing talking snake?!

  • Carol Roper, Phila Science and Freethought Examine 5 years ago

    Super post, Corey. It's downright disheartening that people are having this conversation at all, isn't it...

  • Myra H 5 years ago

    Everything we beleive is taken on faith. The theory of evolution is not science. Lets stick to teaching our kids the principles of science and leave theory out of it.

  • Corey - Nashville Atheism Examiner 5 years ago

    Myra, We don't have to "believe" in the theory of evolution as if it is an inherent truth of the world. It is clearly labeled a theory, which in most science classes is defined in the first chapter. Evolution is a unifying biological principle that describes the relationships between populations of organisms. That's all. It doesn't attempt to explain the origins of the universe or how life itself began. There is no faith involved. Most of the issues with the teaching of evolution stem from not sufficiently understanding what the word means.

    That an endless and all-knowing creator divined all life as we know it 6,000 years ago has ZERO scientific evidence to support it and should therefore stay OUT of science classes. These beliefs can be "taught" (read: indoctrinated) into children's impressionable minds easily in churches or the comfort of the proponent's own home.

    My tax dollar should not pay to teach one particular worldview's creation myth.

  • Bekka 4 years ago

    Awesome article. Corey. I follow a group you have on Facebook, and I'm so happy to see intelligent people on the internet.

    It's still surprising how many bible thumpers refuse to see the Theory of Evolution as scientific. They want to see it "atheists creation story" and then they get mad when you properly explain what "theory" in science means and what evolution really is. I wonder how many bible thumpers got mad when they saw this...I wish I was a fly on their walls. :)

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