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Tennessee package explosion: 74 y/o killed when package explodes at his home

Lebanon, Tennessee
Lebanon, Tennessee
Wikimedia Commons

A Tennessee package explosion left one man dead and one woman critically injured. On Feb. 11, the New York Daily News reported that 74-year-old Jon Setzer, a lawyer (Associated Press), was killed when a package sent to his home exploded. Either his wife or another family member, 72-year-old Marion Setzer, survived the blast and is listed in critical condition at Vanderbilt University Hospital.

"Earlier, alcohol bureau spokesman Michael Knight said investigators had ruled out accidental causes like gas leak or electrical malfunction. Later authorities confirmed it was a package. Police on Tuesday afternoon announced an $8,000 reward for information that leads to a conviction in the case," reported the New York Daily News.

The Tennessee package explosion has left a huge investigation in its wake and the town of Lebanon, Tenn. on edge. The "huge" explosion shattered windows in the Setzer's two-story brick home and it sounds like this might have been a planned attack. Authorities have failed to give details about the package itself but they have warned neighbors to keep an eye out for any suspicious looking things over the next several days.

"A package was delivered, as far as where or when, I can't give that information," TBI spokeswoman Illana Tate said. It's unclear whether or not the package was something ordered by Setzer that contained an explosive or just combusted when he opened it. There are a lot of variables here but judging by how hushed things are, this sounds more serious than just an exploding can of shaving cream.

More on the Tennessee package explosion should become available when authorities wrap up their investigation.

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