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Tennessee Leaf Viewing Guide 2011

Beautiful Gatlinburg, TN
Beautiful Gatlinburg, TN

Welcome to Autumn. It officially arrived just before sunrise today, September 23, 2011, across the great state of Tennessee. With autumn's arrival leaves will begin their change. Expect glowing golds, red, oranges, and other colors.

Typically the peak time of the color change occurs from mid-October is the extreme eastern, more moutainous region of Tennessee to late November in the Memphis area.

There are all sorts of resources available on the web to keep up as the leaves begin their changes. I'll list a few below.

Autumn is a gorgeous time of year in Nashville. Some of the great places to view leaves is a Percy Warner Park along with Centennial Park near Vanderbilt. Get out in the great weather in October and November and let's go leaf viewing!