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Tennessee correctional officer admits to sex with inmate, friends on Facebook

Nashvillian Kenyatta Foxe, arrested for alledged sex with inmate
Nashvillian Kenyatta Foxe, arrested for alledged sex with inmate

Nashvillian Kenyatta Foxe, and some of her friends, posted photographs on Facebook like everyone else. Foxe’s photographs were slightly different; in a few photos she is taking a “selfie” of herself in her Tennessee State Corrections officer uniform. Some of Foxe’s friends posed for their own photos in their prison cells, where they currently reside. Last month, Foxe was arrested for allegedly having sex with a prison inmate. It has been verified she has “friended” inmates on her Facebook.

Foxe, 28, worked at Riverbend Maximum Security Prison as a Correctional Officer. Riverbend is home to approximately 600 maximum and medium security inmates. The institution houses high-risk male offenders, including those sentenced to death.

Foxe has admitted to investigators she has had at least two sexual encounters with inmate Michael Daniels, according to an affidavit. Daniels is serving life plus 28 years for a gang – related murder where he ordered another member to murder, then calmly walked away from the crime scene.

Inmates obtain Facebook pages in various ways. A family, friend, or acquaintance can set up the page. A cell phone can be smuggled inside the walls to record; take photographs, tweet, etc. and then smuggled out. Cell phones are one of the top contraband items smuggled into prisons.

A former correctional officer trainer, who asked to remain anonymous, explains, “It happens - (prison) staff befriends or falls in love with inmates. There is the ‘Ten Percent Rule,’ meaning ten percent of any group – officers, doctors, factory workers, anyone – will do something illegal or immoral in the workplace. First off, inmates are con artists. If a person feels lonely, or has poor self-esteem, inmates will pick up on it and work it to their advantage. Secondly, an officer is around inmates every day, sometimes on double shifts; the inmates may see the person more than the person’s own family. Relationships build, particularly if you have something in common, such as background, interests, family history.”

Another officer, who worked with Foxe, states Foxe was flirtatious with one of the male perpetrators in the 2007 carjacking, torture, rape, and slaying of Knoxville residents Channon Christian and Chris Newsom. The officer suspects there was more than flirting between Foxe and the inmate but could not prove it. The officer believes there was also a gang affiliation.

Foxe began employment with the Tennessee Department of Corrections in February 2013. She was terminated upon her arrest for one felony count for sex with prisoners, and is currently out on a $10,000.00 bond. Her Facebook page is no longer available.

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