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Tennessee close encounter with triangular craft with hexagonal light underneath it

  On August 16th at around 1am in Merryville, Tennessee, a lady went outside her home to observe the night sky in hopes of catching some of the last remnants of the Leonid meteor shower. As she was looking upward, a black triangular craft suddenly swooped down to hover directly over the roof of her house. It sat there toatally still and silent about 150 feet above ground level. The witness said it had underneath it the brightest light she had ever seen. This light was yellowish in color and hexagonal-shaped. In a state of utter awe, the witness watched this thing for a minute or more while it shot down a white search light scanning the ground in front of her house. Then it started moving down the street at approximately the same altitude and continuing to scan below with its search light. Then it simply moved off in the distance and vanished from her sight.

  Though this lady was extremely shaken by this episode, she did not report to anyone. Even though Merryville is right outside of Knoxville and close to its airport, she was certain this was no conventional aircraft and so possibly thought it would have done no good to call the control tower as they typically don't seem to want to hear UFO reports from excited private citizens. Nor do the police either. OR for  some other unexplained reason she just knew NOT to say anything to anybody about this. She was so nervously agitated from this experience that she took off from her job for two days! She finally then decided that she had to report this sighting to some official UFO organization that would take her seriously.  She called Tennessee MUFON's eight-hundred hotline number and left a message. The State Director, myself, returned her call promptly and got the breaking news story. To my knowledge, to date she has made no other reports of this sighting and no other witnesses have come forth to make any public statements about having seen this. I asked her to write a full account of her encounter experience and make a sketch of the triangular UFO with the very unusual hexagonal light under it, and she gladly agreed to do this. It has been about three weeks now, and I have heard nothing back form her nor will she return my messages when I call! Some UFO witnesses are like this. They are so eager at first to tell all about their sighting, and then they disappear on you.