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Tennessee child and his dog found safe: Boy cuddled with his dog to stay warm

The seven year old cuddled up with his dog to stay warm. When his dog started to shiver, Dominic wrapped his own coat around the dog to keep him warm.

Little seven-year-old Dominic Jeffries and his five-year-old black Shih Tzu dog were both found safe in a brush filled area of Cordova, almost directly across the street from their home, after having been missing for more than 14 hours on Thursday, as temperatures dipped below freezing reported

The two had been seen walking and playing together late Wednesday afternoon when they seemed to just disappear. The dog, named Coco, had accidentally fallen into the brushy area of a retainer wall, taking his little friend with him, and the height of the wall precluded both the pooch and the child from climbing out.

Robbyne Manning, Dominic's guardian, alerted the police as authorities and neighbors began an intensive search for the two. The little boy was wearing a camouflage jacket and large fur hat which made the search even more difficult as he blended in with his background.

The youngster did initially see the blue flashing police lights and heard authorities calling his name, but Dominic was scared he was going to be in trouble, so he never responded.

He later told police he stayed warm in the 23 degree temperature by cuddling up with his dog, but when Coco began to shake and shiver, Dominic took his coat off and wrapped it around his little four-legged pal.

Authorities finally spotted Coco after Dominic let him the dog off his leash, and a police officer spotted the furry hat Dominic was wearing. The little boy had fallen asleep.

Although he was cold, Dominic and Coco are reported to be doing fine. According to abcnews.go, Dominic says he wants to be a police officer, and "help find people when they get lost."

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