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Tennessee bombing: Son-in-law charged in mail bomb case

Tennessee bombing which resulted in the death of a elderly couple was charged to their son-in-law. Richard Parker, 49, was charged on four counts in connection with the package bombing. According to CNN on Feb. 13, the mail bomb killed Parker's in-laws.

Investigators arrested 49-year-old Richard Parker on two counts of felony first-degree murder and two counts of felony premeditated murder in connection with a package bomb that exploded at the rural Tennessee home of Jon and Marion Setzer, investigators announced Thursday.

Tennessee bombing arrest of Parker resulted in bail being set at $1 million. Jon Setzer died on Monday at the scene where the bomb detonated outside of his home east of Nashville. His wife, Marion, died in hospital on Wednesday night.

The man arrested and charged with the Tennessee bombing lived next door to his in-laws. Tennessee Bureau investigators did not share a motive in this case. Parker had an arson conviction in 1993 and was put on probation for four years.

A note was found in the debris left by the bomb, but investigators were not willing to share its contents yet. Although the bomb was thought to have been originally delivered by the US Postal Service, it turns out that it was not. Setzer did find the package in his mailbox. It detonated when he brought it inside of his house.

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