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Tennessee bombing: Son-in-law charged in fatal package bombing of in-laws

This home was the subject of a horrible Tennessee bombing earlier this week.
This home was the subject of a horrible Tennessee bombing earlier this week.
NY Daily News

The son-in-law of an elderly Tennessee couple has been charged with the fatal bombing that killed both of them. It was announced by authorities on Thursday, Feb. 13, 2014, that 49-year-old Richard Parker has been charged on two counts of felony first-degree murder and two counts of felony premeditated murder, according to

Parker is currently being held on $1 million bond.

Accusations state that Parker left a package bomb outside of the home of Marion and Jon Setzer. The Tennessee bombing happened at the home that Parker actually lives behind and shares a driveway with.

74-year-old Jon Setzer picked up the package on Monday from his mailbox which is about 200 yards from the front of his home. He was walking toward the home when he opened the package, it exploded, and blew out windows in the home and critically injuring the 72-year-old Marion Setzer.

"With the house as well-built as it was, it had to be a huge explosion," neighbor David Hughen told WTVF-TV of the home built just four years ago. "It's just a huge mystery that a terrible thing has happened to good people."

Jon Setzer died instantly and Marion Setzer died on Wednesday evening at Vanderbilt University Hospital.

Authorities say that no Tennessee or other mail carriers handled the package involved in the bombing.

Investigators say they found a note in the debris of the blast that may have been attached to the bomb. They would not reveal any details about what it said, but they feel it is "a very important piece of evidence, because now you may have handwriting."

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