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Tennessee bombing: Family member charged in bombing plot, mother-in-law killed

A Tennessee bombing plot that killed a respected lawyer near Lebanon and recently claimed the life of his wife has left a family member charged this Thursday: the couple’s son-in-law. State authorities have confirmed that 49-year-old Richard Parker is accused of planting the mail bomb, a deadly device that blew out most of Jon and Marion Setzer’s rural home. CNN confirms this Friday, Feb. 14, 2014, that son-in-law Richard Parker is facing two separate counts of felony first-degree murder in addition to two counts of felony premeditated murder.

The remains of the Tenn. house hit by bomb
Twitter Photo File, KVIA News

The Tennessee bombing occurred earlier this week and initially left state investigators with few leads. A package bomb that was dropped off not unlike an innocent piece of mail to the victims’ home was said to have exploded on Monday and blown out a considerable portion of the Lebanon residence. This morning, police officials arrested the Setzer’s son-in-in-law, 49-year-old Richard Parker, on the criminal homicide charges over the package bomb as the sole primary suspect. Bond is currently set for the murderous family member at $1 million.

The retired lawyer, Mr. Jon Setzer, was killed this Monday when the mysterious package in the Tennessee bombing plot suddenly detonated. His wife and Parker’s mother-in-law, Marion, did not die immediately. She suffered severe burn injuries and was hospitalized, passing away this Wednesday night at a local hospital. The victims were 74 years old and 72 years old, respectively.

According to the county law enforcement sheriff, Parker was a neighbor of his in-laws. At this time, officials with the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation have been unable to disclose a potential motive for the brutal murders, but have confirmed that Parker has been arrested and charged with the homicides. At this time, he is the only suspect in the bombing plot case.

"Right now we feel like we have the person responsible for committing this crime in custody," added the sheriff.

Back in 1993, Richard Parker was charged and convicted of arson accusations. He served a total of four years on probation for the crime. An interesting bit of evidence in this tragic case is an actual note that might have been attached to the package bomb itself, added investigators. Among the debris, a handwritten note was found that is said to have a link to the crime, though the letter’s contents have not been revealed.

"This is a very important piece of evidence, because now you may have handwriting," concluded former ATF agent and bomb expert Joseph Vince on the matter.

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