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Tennessee bombing: 49 y/o charged with bombing, killing his in-laws

A suspect in the Tennessee bombing case has been arrested and charged in the murders of Jon and and Marion Setzer. On Feb. 14, CNN reported that 49-year-old Richard Parker has been charged with two counts of felony first-degree murder after planting a bomb inside a package that arrived at his in-laws' home. Upon the explosion of said package, Mr. Setzer was killed. His wife was listed in critical condition at the hospital where she later died.

"Jon Setzer, a retired lawyer, died Monday when the package bomb detonated outside their home near Lebanon, about 30 miles east of Nashville. Marion Setzer died Wednesday evening at Vanderbilt Hospital. He was 74; she was 72," reports CNN.

A motive for the Tennessee bombing has not yet been disclosed but police have said that they found a note that may have been attached to the package. They would not, however, say what was written on the note. If the note was written by Parker and the handwriting matches his, this could be a key piece of evidence that would help convict Parker.

As previously reported, police told residents in the area to be cautious even though the incident did seem to be isolated. It seemed obvious that the Setzer's were targeted and now the public wants to know why.

The Tennessee bombing suspect is being held on $1 million bond.

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