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Tenn. blue laws complicate alcohol sales


  • Ben 6 years ago

    Tennessee needs to repeal its Blue Law banning Sunday alcohol sales. That, too, is anti-competitive and would keep enterprising business owners from opening up stores. The government shouldn't be mandating certain days that store owners can open or close. It's a business decision.

  • xexon 5 years ago

    I'm from a small town in NW Alabama orginally. I now live on the coast of the Pacific NW. In a rainforest. Better off for it too.

    To this day, you cannot buy a copy of Playboy or any alcoholic beverage in my hometown.

    There was a vote back in the summer on the issue of staying wet or dry. Dry, by a handful of votes. Some of which I helped turn.

    I was writing in from afar to give support for a wet vote. The town paper discontinued their online comments section all because of my postings there. The editorial staff are "Christian". They wanted a dry vote. So they cut me off.

    You folks need to stand up and show these half assed religious people you're not going to be pushed around any longer. You live under their thumb.

    Think about that as the 4th of July comes around next year.

    You're a long way from being free just yet...


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