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See also: Review is a Songhua Hu and Richard Lim company which allows real estate enterprises and landlords to be able to verity a potential tenant's employment and current income. The service is always free for the landlord. For the tenant, the service is available at a minimal cost once the verification process is complete.

The problem with current verification procedures for most renting companies is that employment verification can be tainted with bogus documentation. Most of these companies rely on a renter's past seven years, via the three major credit bureaus (Equifax, Experian and TransUnion). This is problematic because it does not indicate what a renter will do in the current time period or whether or not he can actually pay rent.

The solution is This is a service, which is designed to verify employment and income via electronic bank statements and verbal confirmation, directly with the employer. This can provide some peace of mind for the weary apartment, housing or other-type-of rental hunter.

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