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Ten workplace behaviors that irritate your co-workers

Many of us spend the majority of our lives at work with our co-workers.  It's important to be cognizant of our behaviors around each other in order to create and keep a comfortable work environment.

If you’re like most folks, you work in a company with many other people that you have to interact with on a daily basis. Much of this interaction may just be sitting in proximity to others since many companies have adopted a more open working environment.

Open space can often be good for teams and individuals to gather and work on things together. However, it can also become a toxic space that you just want to get away from, especially if those you share it with either aren’t aware of bad behavior or simply choose to ignore the fact that they’re annoying others sitting around them.

If you’re not in an open work environment, you’re still going to interact regularly with others, either in the hallways or during meetings. Whatever the space design, here are ten things to be aware of that happen almost all the time and that grate on your co-worker’s nerves.

  • Talking too loud, especially while on the phone.
  • Gossiping, talking about others, or discussing private or personal things loud enough for others to hear.
  • Constantly having a bad attitude/bad day at work.
  • Talking over others or interrupting them.
  • Shutting down an idea or a thought before the other person has had time to thoroughly express it.
  • Not listening.
  • Typing or answering e-mails while someone is talking or presenting.
  • Noisy and/or smelly bodily functions.
  • Inappropriate or unwelcome touching, including playful hitting or pushing.
  • Invading someone’s personal space bubble.

There are certainly many more items that can be added to the list of bad workplace behavior, but taking a look at these ten and being aware of them is a start. It’s reality that we not only have to work closely with others, but we probably spend more time with them than our own families. Becoming aware and working to change some of the behaviors that may rub someone the wrong way will help make the work environment a more pleasant one.

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