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Ten ways to get big things poppin' this holiday season

If you're not a hip hop fan, you need to click here to hear the chorus on this song (lyrics provided).

The song is all about going big in your life. Forget the naysayers. Forget the haters. Forget the wannabes. Forget the gossipers.

Forget them all and continue playing your game. But not just any game. A big game. As the infamous overused sports slogan says "Go big or go home."

That's how you gotta play life.

That's great and everything, but no one ever showed me how to play big in my life. I had to learn it on my own. So in case you haven't quite figured out how to really play big or how to get things growing (a.k.a. poppin') in your life, then this list is for you.

1. Take out the trash.

One of the biggest lessons my business mentor has taught me was "If you hang out with trash, you'll smell like trash." Ouch! hurts to even read that, let alone hear her tone of voice when she said it. However, it only hurts because it's TRUE. You are the company you keep.

If you have big dreams or big goals in your life, hanging with people who have none keep you stuck. They will downplay your dreams and goals not because they don't believe you can achieve them, but because they don't have any dreams or aspirations of their own. You talking a big game increases their insecurity.

The way around this is to seek out like-minded peeps. This year alone, I have joined three different sets of communities that support my beliefs, my aspirations, and who I am. One of those communities happens to be a church. I love my church! It's full of so much love and non-judgment. I also joined two business/personal development communities. One of the communities is for women entrepreneurs only and the other one is co-ed.

Long story short, these three communities have literally been my gasoline when my tank was empty. They provided resources for me when I had none. Without them, there is no way in the world I would have put myself out there this year as a business woman. Same goes for you. Find a community of people, whether online or in person, that support your beliefs and/or goals in life.

2. Stand for something.

I have to say that it's impossible to play big in the world if you are a flake. Flakes join bandwagons and are scared to have their own opinions. Flakes criticize nonstop. Flakes create absolutely no change in the world.

If you want to play big, then you gotta stand for something. And by something, I mean a cause that's bigger than you. I support Kiva, a micro-loan company, because I believe in the helping others in developing nations create a better life for themselves. When I was 10, I began volunteering on Thanksgiving Day by serving dinner to the homeless and low-income families. There is no greater gift in the world than standing up for someone who has less opportunities and resources than you.

Also, by you standing up for something, the Universe automatically stands up for you. How? Whatever you give to others, it's given to you ten fold. No joke.

3. Use your eyes.

I've been making collages for a very long time. What I love about collages is that it helps my visual learning style, "see" a possible goal before it actually happens. Here's an example. When I was 20, I cut out pictures of possible condos that I would have liked to purchase once I got out of college and got a "real" paying job. I looked at those pictures every morning. I didn't do any woo-woo fairy dust black magic trick or anything. I just looked at those pictures and would affirm to myself "I'm gonna have that soon." Did I get it? Yup.

Same can go for you. Spend some time cutting out pictures of things you want. It doesn't have to be all materialistic. It can also be experiences that you want to have. Maybe you want a vacation in Mexico or a million dollars in revenue. Whatever the case, cut out pictures that represent that to you. Look at those images every morning and affirm "I'm gonna have that."

4. Put your big girl draws on and do it.

In my e-course, I teach women how to get real with their finances and start building wealth before they get married. In a couple of lessons where I needed them to get brutally honest, I said "Put your big girl draws on and do it!" What does that mean?

It means suck it up. Get over your drama and your excuses. Get over your know-it-allness. Stop rolling your eyes and...

...frickin' do what you say you're gonna do. Put your money where your mouth is and do what you say you're gonna do. You want to get married, well then, you're gonna have to leave your house from time to time. You want to learn to cook, well, you're gonna have to sign up for some classes. You want a business, well, you're gonna have to start reading up business matters.

Whatever you want, you're gonna have to bite the bullet and DO IT. Period.

5. Seek out mentors.

One of the best things that has happened to me this year is having mentors. Having a mentor is like having an older sibling who has "been there and done that." They're able to show you the ropes and help you navigate away from the pot holes of life.

Mentors are everywhere. Honestly, it's quite easy to get one. There are several professional organizations that offer mentors and there are many social groups that do the same. Reach out to someone you admire. You might be surprised that they're flattered and honored to help you out.

6. Ask and ye shall receive.

You can't get big things poppin' if you don't ask for help or guidance along the way.

7. Don't throw your pearls before swine.

Haters are everywhere. No seriously...everywhere. Sometimes, they dressed up as your family members. Sometimes they're your significant other. Sometimes they're your friends, your co-workers, your boss or even your clients! But you know this already, right?

The trick is to know which ones you're able to share your dreams with and which ones you're not. As I said in #1, sometimes you can excitedly share your dreams with someone who will do everything in their power to shut you down. Don't take it personally. They're doing it because they feel stuck and they want you to feel stuck. The best way to avoid their negativity is to simply avoid them.

Treat your goals and dreams like precious commodities that need to be protected. Only share your goals when you know down in the depths of your soul that nothing can deter you from your goal.

8. If it scares you, you're right on target.

When we start playing like the super stars we are in life, it's natural for us to get scared. I remember being on the phone with my first client. My first thought was "Oh my god! I can't believe this person is choosing me to help them with their love life." I was shaking. I wanted to throw up. I stumbled on so many words it's unreal.

But I survived! And the next call with the next client went much smoother.

Sometimes when we're growing, it feels mighty weird. We're leaving our comfort zones and that makes us feel vulnerable.

9. Keep growing and learning.

To get big things poppin', you've gotta make a commitment to learning more. Just because you graduated college doesn't mean school is out. In whatever profession you enter, continued education is necessary if you want to be the best.

With personal development, it's no different. You gotta continually invest in yourself. Go to conferences, seminars, and workshops. Read nonfiction books. Network with like minded people.

10. Losing is not an option.

The last line in the chorus of Big Things Poppin' is "losing's not an option." If you take losing and failing off the options block, you have no choice but to succeed. You automatically get rid of your excuses and start stepping up in big ways.

When embarking on anything new, ask yourself "What would I do if I knew I couldn't fail?" Then go do it!

In order to live big, you gotta spread love, enthusiasm, and positivity. How much of that are you spreading in your life? If it's only a smidgen, try to increase it this holiday season. Give, give, give. Remember, what you give will be given back to you tenfold.

Now go out there and get big things poppin'!


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