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Ten Valentines' Day Gifts that stir the heart

D. K. Christi

Give your valentine an orchid plant with the novel, Ghost Orchid by D. K. Christi tucked in the wrapping. Orchids are the purest representation of love and are equally favored by men and women. The novel answers the question: Is love eternal?

Give your valentine silk - preferably a silk garment close to the skin. Silk is a sensuous fabric and reminds your love of your sensuous nature.

Have a catered meal delivered that includes small tea sandwiches and similar that you can feed to each other.

Hire a violinist and harpist to play romantic music for a half hour.

Enjoy a couple's massage at the local spa.

Rent romantic movies and watch while eating popcorn and toasting with cranberry zest in Martinelli's Sparkling Cider.

Try to re-create your first meeting or one of your other romantic encounters.

Go to Glamour shots together and have photographs taken or using another photographer have photographs taken in a romantic environment.

Read a romantic novel to each other by bright candlelight.

Take a spin on a bicycle built for two.

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