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Ten Tournament Tidbits from the 2014 state boys basketball tournament

Here comes another installment of Ten Tournament Tidbits, this time from the 2014 state boys basketball tournament.

1. Four schools made their first trip to state. They were Park Christian, Fond du Lac Ojibwe, Atwater-Cosmos-Grove City and St Paul Academy.

2. There were two games that were at least three overtimes. Fond du Lac Ojibwe-Canby went three and Hopkins-Shakopee was a four overtime game.

3.. When Esko won the Class AA championship, it marked the first time a Section 7 won a state title since Chisholm in 1991.

4. In the Class A championship game between Belgrade-Booten-Elrosa and Rushford Peterson, the toal population of the five towns represented was 3,645, according to the 2010 Census. The breakdown: Belgrade: 740; Brooten 743; Elrosa 211; Rusford 1,731 and Peterson 220.

5. Three schools from St. Paul played in this year's tournament. They were St. Paul academy, St. Paul Central and Cretin-Derham Hall.

6. Four Wright County Conference schools were also part of this tournament. Orono. New London-Spicer, Annandale and Holy Family Catholic.

7. It was Canby's first trip to the state tournament since 1951.

8. The highest scoring game was the third place game between Maranatha Christian Academy and Fond du Lac Ojibwe with Fond du Lac Ojibwe winning 103-99,

9. In the quarterfinal gamr between Caledonia and St. Paul Academy. Caledonia made 14 three pointers.

10. Rushford-Peterson head coach Tom Vix had the longest reign of any head coach in the tournament, 29 years.

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