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Ten tips to increase sales on Black Friday

Black Friday has woven itself into the fabric of our capitalist society. Whether consumers consider Black Friday an unseemly event, an excuse to procure great deals, an exciting adventure in consumerism or simply a great way to burn calories after a big Thanksgiving dinner, rest assured that Black Friday will generate upwards of $50 billion nationally, with an average of about $400.00 spent per person.

Here are 10 tips to help increase sales on Black Friday:

1. Promote Black Friday sales promotions via social media outlets, email, TV, radio and print ads right away. Use advertising strategies which have had proven results for your business, as well as, new outlets to stimulate consumers in other demographics, prodding additional participation in your business’ Black Friday deals.

2. Don’t wait for Black Friday. The sales week starts Monday. Begin your promotion strategy at the beginning of the week. Retailers begin advertising campaigns for Halloween in September, Thanksgiving in October and Christmas in November (some stores utilize a two-month lead). Employ the same strategy by beginning your Black Friday sales, discounts and other promotional strategies on Monday and keep the party going all week long. It might take the “fun” out of Black Friday, but income is not dependent on the element of surprise. Capitalism in raw form? You bet.

3. Match pricing—even after the purchase. If your customer finds the same item advertised for less, within a specific time period, refund them the difference utilizing information from competitor’s coupons, ads, website, or a phone call. Some big-box stores have had success with this system. Unless you intend to make this strategy a permanent one, be sure to clearly identify that your business’ price-matching tactic will be for Black Friday week only.

4. Keep it fresh: Change your displays, promotions, gift items and other marketing approaches daily. This will help ensure returning customers get a different experience every time they visit. Some suggestions: re-dress mannequins, change displays, freshen your store’s appearance, and other ambiance particulars such as music, décor and even fragrance.

5. Ensure your storefront is enticing. Conduct a “sidewalk sale” display featuring desirable products. Give your consumers a reason to have a tactile experience with your store before they enter. It’s an introduction to the inside of your store—a welcome mat if you will.

6. Utilize remarketing to customers with whom you’ve established a relationship with on your website. If you’re customer has purchased something from your physical store or 24-hour on-line marketplace, send promotional offers similar, or complementary to, the purchased item.

7. Host special events all week long. Own a bookstore? Invite a published author, or other individual, to conduct a book reading. Own a food or beverage store? Utilize a sampling cart outside the storefront for consumers to taste your food or beverages before entering.

8. Offer free gift-wrapping. Most Black Friday consumers are shopping for Christmas gifts. A gift-wrapping service builds rapport, while providing a convenient and appreciated service.

9. Increase your business’ hours of operation. Black Friday is an American tradition. It may not seem as important as a national holiday, but it drives a lot more shopper foot traffic than they do.

10. Leave your consumers with a personal touch: serve hot apple cider, candies, cookies or other appetizers. Utilize a contest to acquire your customer’s information for further promotional opportunities. Ensure every person has a flyer, coupon or other marketing tool, upon departure.

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-Dawn Henderson, Owner/Writer: RolandWrite Copywriting Services (

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