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Ten things you need to know about beer

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10 - Beer contains Xanthohumol, which is a antioxidant cancer fighter
9 - The Sumerians were fermenting beer as early as 6 BC
8 - US Prohibition lasted 13 years, 10 months, 19 days, 17 hours and 32.5 min.
7 - It's not age that makes beer go bad, it is the light
6 - Lager beer was a accident created in the middle ages in Bavaria
5 - The London beer flood killed 9 people in 1814
4 - Cenosilicaphobia is a fear of an empty glass
3 - When beer is poured into a glass, some of the bubbles float downwards
2 - The ancient Babylonians had a tough beer quality law (If you brewed bad beer you were drowned in your own beer)
and the number one thing that you should know is that -
1 - Vikings believed in Heirorun (a goat whose udders produced unlimited quantities of beer)



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