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10 things you didn’t know about new Bachelor Chris Soules

On Aug. 27, ABC revealed the face of the next Bachelor on “Good Morning America.” No, it isn’t race car driver Arie Luyendyk, as predicted by several media outlets. The next Bachelor is Iowa farmer Chris Soules, who was rejected by Bachelorette Andi Dorfman. So, why was Chris Soules chosen as the next star of “The Bachelor?” Below are ten things you didn’t know about him.

According to ABC's MediaNet, since appearing on “The Bachelorette” last season, women have been clamoring to move to Iowa and begin their lives on a farm. The 32-year-old, 6’1” bachelor is known for his subtle charm, but it wasn’t enough to win Andi’s heart. Instead, she chose Josh Murray and the two are currently still engaged.

Chris Soules was heartbroken by Andi’s decision to cut him, but he’s getting the last laugh and looking forward to being in the driver’s seat this time around. So, who is Chris Soules and why was he selected over Arie? Here are ten things to know about the next Bachelor.

  1. Chris was engaged before. He ended a 7-year relationship, just months before the wedding. Although his relationship with his fiancée was good, he didn’t want to settle for “good.” He wanted “great.” Can he find it on “The Bachelor?”
  2. Soules is enormously successful. In addition to helping his father run their multi million dollar farm, Chris also works with Summit Farms, a consulting company that helps manage other farms in the area, according to the Des Moines Register.
  3. He’s highly educated. Chris is not only easy on the eyes, but he’s also extremely smart. He studied agronomy and agriculture at Iowa State University.
  4. Chris is definitely a family man. Chris has three older sisters and he is close to each. He says that his dad is his role model. When the next Bachelor starts his own family, he hopes for 4-6 kids.
  5. The new Bachelor has interests outside the farm. He loves camping, country music and football. Since appearing on “The Bachelorette,” Chris has made several appearances at local Iowa events.
  6. He drove a tractor before he drove a car. When Chris was growing up on a farm in nearby Lamont, he regularly drove the family’s tractor – before he had his driver’s license. Concerning a potential partner for life, Chris jokes that she also needs to know how to drive a tractor – or be willing to learn.
  7. Fan favorite Soules gets recognized everywhere. When he appeared on “After the Final Rose,” the audience chanted his name. Now, everyone in Iowa and across America recognizes Soule. One adoring admirer drove hundreds of miles to knock on his door, while yet another professed her love for him by placing an ad in Chris’s local newspaper.
  8. Chris is the exact opposite of Juan Pablo Galvais. That’s exactly why ABC picked Soules. Bachelor Nation detested Juan Pablo, so ABC wisely chose a different direction this time around. As posted by Time, Andi Dorfman approves of the network’s choice and stated, “Chris has the whole package. He’s going to be a great husband and a great father.”
  9. Chris vs. Arie – a classy choice. In the end, it came down to race car driver Arie Luyendyk and farmer Chris Soules. Prior to today’s announcement, Arie posted on Twitter, “I’m not the Bachelor. Have fun on the farm people.” The tweet was classless and reeked of sour grapes. He later back pedaled and wrote, “It wasn’t meant to be and I’m OK with it. Happy I can move forward.” Good for ABC for picking Soules, a class act.
  10. Chris Soules is humble and looking forward to his new adventure. On Wednesday morning, Chris stated on “GMA,” “I mean, coming from a small town I never really expected to have this opportunity to be on either show let alone be the lead on “The Bachelor,” so it’s been awesome.” He went on to add that the show is his mom’s favorite, so he has her full support.

“The Bachelor” starring Chris Soules is set to premiere in January 2015.

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