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Ten things NOT to wear this summer

How often have we seen people in grocery or department stores and been appalled by what they were wearing? How often have we shaken out heads in despair as people embarrassed not only themselves but others?

Summer style tips
George Hodan

Too often,the hot weather of July and August brings out the best and worst in clothing choices. Some people want to be fashionable and follow the latest trends, wherever they may lead. Others just want to look nice, never veering far from the classics. Most want to be cool and comfortable, and a hapless few simple don’t seem to care at all.

With warmer temperatures, women are baring their shoulders, arms, midriffs, thighs and toes. Here are some common-sense tips to avoid ever having someone whisper, ‘OMG...she shouldn't be wearing that!’

Here are ten things NOT to wear this summer:

  1. Strapless elasticized-top sundresses that you have to keep hiking up in public can be humiliating
  2. A tank top without a bra is not attractive, especially if you are a full-figured woman.
  3. Low cut tops that are open well below the arms or at the back often reveal too much.
  4. Crop tops that let ‘love handles’ show are embarrassing.
  5. Leggings that are stretched too tight and show lines and creases best left hidden.
  6. Pajama pants and scuff slippers have a place, and that place is not in the laundromat or the grocery store.
  7. If you have to keep pulling your mini skirt down to the top of your thigh, it’s too short.
  8. Low-cut jeans that accentuate a ‘muffin top’ are especially unattractive.
  9. Sandals are never meant to be worn with socks, especially colorful socks.
  10. Men, don’t wear penny loafers without socks; it’s a fashion statement best left unsaid.

Enjoy the summer styles and wear them with confidence that you've made the right choices. The first rule of fashion is always to accentuate the positive and eliminate the negative.

Special thanks to in-house consultant Patricia MacLaughlin for her help in creating this list of what NOT to wear this summer.

Watch the video for top summer fashion tips from a Beyonce stylist.

As always, maximize your style and minimize your spending~

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