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Fishing, Camping, Skiing, Bowling, Going to the Movies, Playing Softball, Watching T.V., or…..?

Is this what runs through your mind when you have paid your hard earned dollars to attend or participate in a form of entertainment, only to have this time ruined by horrible customer service or rude and unprofessional employee?

Ever paid your hard earned money to take your family out for dinner, go to a movie, or even one of our many Northwest fairs and events only to start your QUALITY TIME destroyed by some employee who treats you as if your bothering them? That employee who accepted the job to work in the entertainment/hospitality industry, only to find those patrons looking for diversions from their reality an inconvenience to that employees day?

Here in the Northwest we have plenty of industries that fit into this category. We have our sports teams (Seahawks, Mariners, Storm, and Sounders). Dozens of theaters that not only show movies but also have theatrical plays, concerts, and even a symphony located at Benaroya Hall. Not only is Seattle a major spot for top performers to stop on their tours, it’s also a large tourist destination (Space Needle, Pike’s Market, Whale Watching, etc). And of course, Washington State has over a dozen casinos spread across the state.

All of these are forms of entertainment for people looking for ways to find a distraction from their jobs, lives and our countries economic situations. Whether it’s a family vacation or just someplace to get away at the end of your work day. People expect to be entertained when they walk through the doors of these establishments and they should.

“But were just a restaurant, this is not entertainment.” I can hear some saying. But yes, food is a form of entertainment. No, I am not talking about a Japanese Steakhouse where they flip shrimp and knives around. Every restaurant is a form of entertainment for the patrons that attend. If you don’t believe me, think about this. The $40.00 I spent on that Salmon dinner, I could have gone to the local supermarket and bought for $8.99. So what am I getting for the other $31.01? It’s the entertaining factor of knowing that:

You did not have to shop for it
You did not have to cook it
You did not have to set the table, make the salad, and side dishes
You did not have to clear, wash, and put away the dishes
Never thought of it that way? Yes, if you ask majority of the people out there, that is entertainment, correct me if I am wrong.

Customer Service is part of the entertainment and should be included. You don’t need to be dressed in a clown outfit or dance as your bring the food or drinks to the table (unless it’s part of the restaurants theme). You just need to be part of the pleasant experience that your customers are looking for when they walk in the doors of your establishment. Because if you have ever had a bad day at work, the last experience you want is to know the money you worked hard to earn that day is going to pay for further aggravations and stress.

When you are successful in providing that form of entertainment to your customers, you will be remembered as that pleasant place to be and the next time that customer is looking for a distraction from the harsh realities of life and work. You will see that person again and that is the goal of every business, especially those associated with the Hospitality Industry.

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