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Ten superstitions from Louisiana

Louisiana, is a state that has a lot of culture to it from New Orleans to Baton Rouge. Below are ten superstitions that come from the folklore of Louisiana. Some tell us how we can get bad omens to even when we are lying. It's a fun look at the different superstitions that surround this state.

So let's begin:

  1. To pass over a child lying down will prevent him from growing.
  2. When a snake is cut to pieces, its friends come to get it to put the pieces back together.
  3. If you have a sore on the tip of your tongue, its a sign that you lied.
  4. To turn a chair on one leg is a bad omen.
  5. If you plant lettuce on Good Friday it will not grow.
  6. If you plough on Good Friday the ground will bleed.
  7. To pass in front of a carriage at a funeral is a bad omen.
  8. To open an umbrella in the house chases away the lovers.
  9. When a hearse stops before your door it is a sign of misfortune.
  10. To dream of death is a sign of marriage, that goes with saying, to dream of marriage is sign of death.

So those were 10 superstitions that surround Louisiana.


"A Treasury of American Folklore" Edited by Terri Hardin

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