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Ten superstitions from Georgia

Below is a list of regional folklore from Georgia. If you're from Georgia, or not it doesn't matter either way these superstitions are fun to read. Heck you might even know someone who believes in these superstitions or you might find out that your own state has the same ones!

Here's a list of just 10 superstitions from Georgia:

  1. A toadstool is called the Devil's Snuffbox.
  2. If a terrapin bites you, it will never let go till it thunders.
  3. Spit on your bait for good luck during fishing.
  4. Don't swear or you won't catch a fish.
  5. To keep a stray dog not leaving your side, bury some of it's hair from its tails under your doorstep.
  6. If you want a stray cat to stay with you, grease the four feet of the cat.
  7. In Spring cow lice turns to gnats.
  8. Also in Spring, hog lice turns into fleas.
  9. When a dogwood tree blossoms, the fish begin to bite.
  10. Never throw away your keys, either hand them down to a family member or just set them somewhere for someone pick up.

So those were 10 superstitions that are part of Georgia's cultural history.


"A Treasury of American Folklore" Edited by Terri Hardin

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