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Ten successful traits of a healthy workplace culture

Contemporary leadership is the art of creating an environment where team members have the ability to be successful. It involves cultivating an environment conducive to productivity and providing the resources needed for each employee to individually achieve their peak potential.

Ten successful traits of a healthy workplace culture.
Ten successful traits of a healthy workplace culture.
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Here are the ten successful traits that organizations with healthy workplace cultures live on a daily basis. Click on any title to read more about the specific trait or go to the attached list to read all traits.

  1. Communication: Openly share as much as possible in order to establish trust.
  2. Consistency: Baskin-Robbins has been successful with a flavor of the month but it has no place in a healthy workplace culture.
  3. Empowerment: Often understood as allowing people to make decisions, but it is more about goal alignment.
  4. Encouragement: Keep employees engaged by showing you are paying attention.
  5. Feedback: A critical element, especially with Generation X and Generation Y.
  6. Leadership: Managers must know the difference between traditional and contemporary leadership.
  7. Responsibility: Allowing employees to make their own mistakes, identify the mistake quickly and then take a joint approach to resolution.
  8. Restraint: Hold your temper.
  9. Me time: Recognize that individuals need to be able to focus.
  10. Team time: Letting the team run themselves.

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