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Ten Sochi canine ambassadors arrive in Washington's Dulles Airport

Meet Belka and Bosh - both adorable pooches arrived on Thursday from Sochi and are now available for adoption.
Meet Belka and Bosh - both adorable pooches arrived on Thursday from Sochi and are now available for adoption.
Washington Animal Rescue League

On Thursday, ten more dogs, formerly pooches who roamed the streets of Sochi before the Winter Olympics began, arrived at Dulles Airport on their way to the Washington Animal Rescue League where they will be eligible for adoption, reported the Moscow Times.

Thanks to the coordinated efforts of Russian billionaire Oleg Deripaska, whose dog rescue charity in the outskirts of Sochi, called PovoDog, has already saved 200 dogs slated to have been exterminated, recently reported 50 dogs have been adopted.

Ten dogs - six female and four males headed to the United States despite a mountain of paperwork and red tape.

In the beginning of February, shocking news of a private company hired to kill stray dogs on the outer perimeters of the Winter Olympics venue outraged animal lovers all over the world. Alexel Sorokin, owner of the company hired to shoot and poison the dogs, called the stray dogs "biological trash," and blamed irresponsible dog owners for dumping their dogs in the city parks and on the streets.

Sochi officials soon denied the reports, but advocates reported seeing dead bodies along the streets in the late hours of the night.

By March, Olympic athletes and tourists were helping to rescue the strays and bringing them home to the United States. Olympic silver medalist Gus Kenworthy and his friend Robin Macdonald appeared on the "Today" show in New York with Sochi stray dogs, Mama, and two of her puppies named Jake and Mishka.

The arrival of these fabulous dogs will hopefully inspire more people to help.

In a statement, Kelly O'Meara, of the Humane Society International in Washington stated:

"We are excited to make the connection for homeless Sochi dogs with loving homes in the United States, with our focus on helping street dogs in Russian and around the world...

"They're the sweetest, most interactive, very friendly dogs, and very adoptable that just happen to be unfortunate enough to be living on the street."

More Sochi dogs are expected to arrive soon.

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Welcome to the United States pooches.

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