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Ten rock bands whose stock will soar this summer

With summer lurking just around the corner, we can look forward to our favorite rock bands hitting the roads and greeting our fist-pumping selves with horns held high. Large audiences will flock to Vans Warped Tour, Rockstar’s Mayhem and Uproar Festivals to catch an abundance of bands in one hot, sticky, sweat-soaked day.

Mike Salerno of Gemini Syndrome
Chris Zambello
Michael Poulsen of Volbeat performing at Rockville
Chris Zambello

Other days, metal heads will head out to the local clubs and get their fill where the air conditioning units are broken, each breath you take is from the thick smoke-filled humid air. Yet you don’t mind one bit because you are getting your money’s worth in a live rock show and there’s nothing like it!

However you take your rock this summer, there are things that are definitely for certain: the women will be hot, the beer will be warm, and make sure you drink plenty of cold water.

All you crowd-surfing fools get ready because this summer is about to explode!

I’ve created a list of ten bands whose stock will soar this summer. Some bands you may know very well, others you may not be so familiar with. Either way, their popularity will increase tenfold and many will become household names. The list order is random, we are not ranking here.

Pop Evil - These boys from Grand Rapid, Mich. Are so hot, they’re practically on fire! They have just scored their third #1 single off their current album, Onyx with “Torn to Pieces”. “Trenches” and “Deal with the Devil” being the other two singles to top the active rock charts. Their live shows are amazing, filled with so much energy you could power up a small city. They have shows scheduled across the country this summer so be sure to check out their website for dates and cities.

Adelitas Way - This band is so hungry to get to the top of the rock world and with the release of their upcoming album, Stuck, they are for certain to get there. They have matured, their sound is amazing, and their live shows are incredible! To get ready to play for you, they did things the old-fashioned way: they practiced, and practiced for seven hours a day, just to get everything perfect. Lead singer, Rick DeJesus’ voice has never sounded better. They will be touring across the country all summer long, so be sure to check them out, you’ll be glad you did.

Volbeat - This band was hands-down the fan favorite out of almost 50 bands at Welcome to Rockville. And it’s clear to see why: their albums are a blast to listen to. Watching them perform those songs live on stage is an incredible experience! There are no frills or gimmicks with their set, they don’t need them. They are pure rock and roll at its best. The sky’s the limit for this band! They will be touring in Europe early summer, then sharing the stage statewide late summer/early fall with Five Finger Death Punch. Do not miss that show!

Gemini Syndrome - These boys have been a touring machine since early 2013 and show no signs of slowing down heading into this summer. Their debut album, Lux, has received praise from publications across the globe. They have a straight-forward, in-your-face style without being overbearing. They have a great stage presence and make instant fans of those who see them. They love their fans and are some of the nicest guys you will ever meet.

Monster Truck - Speaking of instant fans, it was truly amazing to see the reaction of the crowd at Welcome to Rockville when this Canadian-based band took the stage. Jaws dropped. Period. People could not believe the sound they were hearing. Yes, they are that good. They just finished a tour sharing the stage with Alice In Chains. They have several Canadian dates planned as well as a select few along the border. We’re hoping for more dates in the U.S., so until then, pick up their latest album, Furiosity and see what they hype is all about.

Havok - Dubbed as the next Megadeth, this thrash band from Colorado has been kicking butt and taking names since the release of the latest album, Unnatural Selection. They’ve toured the world this past year and will continue to do so well into the summer. They do have several west coast U.S. Dates as well as a slew of Canadian dates listed. They are destined to become world phenomenons.

Within Reason - These All-American boys from Birmingham, Ala., have certainly paid their dues and are ready to become a household name. Having released their first single, “Enemy” off their EP, After the Crawl, they are well on their way. Their live shows are a blast to attend, they always seem to bring the house down. They love their fans as well and will spend time to meet each and every fan.

Black Stone Cherry - This hard-hitting band has literally come out of the woodworks of Edmonton, Ky, and taken the rock world by storm! They’ve taken Southern Rock up to levels previously unheard of. Speaking of hard hitting, their drummer, John Fred Young hit those skins harder than anyone I’ve ever seen. Just watching him perform is alone worth the price of admission. They have a long list of shows scheduled all summer.

Seether - With their new album, Isolate and Medicate about to hit the store shelves July 1, 2014 it will be interesting to see what this trio has come up with this time around. In true Shaun Morgan fashion, I’m sure it will be spectacular. He’s one of the best writers in rock today, has been for years. Their website lists a number of European tour dates as well as some fair dates stateside, but I’m sure they will be hitting North America full force and more dates will be added.

Godsmack - Oh how we’ve missed these boys from Boston. They’ve recently finished recording a new album which can only mean one thing; tour! This is one band that truly believes in giving their fans their money’s worth in a rock show. Having attended a couple dates from their Oracle tour, they’d be hard-pressed to top what they created there. Sully has big dreams and doesn’t take no for an answer. He makes sure every fan in the stands has a great time. Though there aren’t any current tour dates listed on their site with the exception of co-headlining Aftershock Festival, I don’t see them spending all summer sitting around watching the world go by. Keep checking their site, I’m sure things are in the works and will be announced real soon!

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