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Ten Reasons NOT to Homeschool

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1. Your OK with spending only a few hours each day instead of all day with your children during their formative years.

2. You'd rather have "the system" set your schedule.

3. You like to have "the system" choose what your child learns and what books he should read.

4. You think it is important for your children under the age of ten to be exposed to bullies, haters, and profanity users.

5. You cherish the idea of getting your children up, dressed, and fed at the crack of dawn each day to send them off even if they are tired and cranky.

6. You think it is important for your child to learn how to sit in a desk for hours each day even if he has a short attention span instead of having your child learn by experience and experiments.

7. You're a strong supporter of tedious busy work since schools need to load them up with worksheets in order to fill up all the time each day.

8. You only like to vacation during school breaks.You believe that bomb scares and mass shootings should be a part of everyone's childhood memories.

9. You believe your child's creative mind needs to succumb to his textbooks.

10. You only like to vacation during school breaks.