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Ten reasons lists are so popular

Why lists are so popular
Why lists are so popular

Everyone is so busy trying to keep up with their lives, the latest in technology and social media connections, there isn't time to read every in-depth article that comes along. Lists, videos and photo-articles save time and still gives important snippets of information to help keep people in the know.

Why you should consider adding lists to your website:

1. They demonstrate an authority position

Developing lists takes a fair amount of time and research. Coming up with five or ten points to support a position or argument commands more respect and attention from readers. When some of the entries on the list immediately resonate with readers, their curiosity to know more will keep them reading on, learning more and establishing more respect for your opinions and ultimately your website. The more points the lists make, the more authority that you will garner.

2. It shows your website is clearly relevant

Lists are often powerful ways of presenting popular opinions about newsworthy people, events or viewpoints. Most content presented in this manner uses multiple sources as points of reference, making the information timely and well documented. This only adds more value to your website content and greater opportunity for having search engines pick up some of the content.

3. They invite new visitors to your site

Lists have more information and often include more SEO tools enabling more people to land on your website. While articles tend to make only one relevant point, lists provide more points that can get picked up by searches and longer content that helps with SEO. Lists are also popular with content that draws users to your site who wouldn't reach it by Google, Ask, Bing or Yahoo alone.

4. They are easy to read on all devices

The beauty of lists lies in the subheads and format. Lists are ready-made for reading on mobile devices by offering a format that doesn't require hundreds of scrolls or multiple tabs to read. Points are brief and distinct, often requiring little text to backup each opinion. Photos are often used to break up each thought, adding a visual element to each point that is made. This can help mobile users save time honing in on what they consider to be the most salient points without having to wade through irrelevant content to extract them.

5. They get shared more than other short articles

Lists are easy to share and end up receiving more views. The format allows readers to enjoy content in two different manners. Reading a list can be as simple as scanning through the headings of the list or as complex as reading through 1000 plus words. The reader has the option to skim or glean the content and sharing the information does not force the recipient to read all the words. That makes them so easy to share and leads to more stimulating reads.

6. They can provide fun information

The information used to develop a list is usually fun, timely or informative. Opinions can and the order of the information presented on the list can always leave room for debate. Whether readers are in agreement or not, information presented in this manner can be compelling and memorable. The fun of guessing the entries on a list only add to the fun of reading on. This fun that can be encountered by visiting your site only adds to the allure of your website and eventually its content.

7. Lists can be created from your own data and be shared by others

A list can be a good way of informing people about why they might be more inclined to purchase your products. Good points can often be lost in a shuffle of words that most businesses hope will get read. Presenting the same material in a list will help get your points across. It will be the points on the list that ultimately get remembered and the content for each point mostly serving to substantiate the point itself.

8. Lists can be a part of social media campaigns

Since lists are really just bullet points with words of support, the format works well with social media. The fun format of lists can give people a reason to follow your business on social media platforms. More than just providing details about products on sale or events the business is involved with, lists generate more of a buzz and more of a reason to "like" your business. Lists can elicit more feedback and keep people reading more of your posts. Again, negative or positive feedback only benefits your social media site and eventually gets people liking, not only your content, but your business as well.

9. Lists make shopping online more fun, which can lead to more sales

Sometimes selling products that people need versus products that they really want can make their shopping experience uneventful and boring. Adding some lists full of fun information not only will help keep people on your site, but will remind them to place orders in advance. Any visit to your website serves as a reminder and will inevitably trigger more consistent sales. The fun will be the reminder to place more timely orders and your business will benefit from more consistent sales and cash flow.

10. Lists are trendy

Everybody is starting to realize that bullet points of information are easier reads than paragraphs of content buried in long-winded articles. People have very little time and what time they do have is becoming more precious with so many social outlets more readily available. Twitter has made "tweets" commonplace and more acceptable ways of assimilating information. In essence, a list is much like a collection of tweets that can be viewed quickly and with great ease. Thus, readers can pick and choose what they might want to know more about or even what they might not feel compelled to read. This kind of information control is quite trendy.

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