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Ten potty training tips that work for toddlers

Photo by Keith Tsuji/Getty Images

As a mom, I know potty training can be hard. I have done it with two children and helped others as a preschool teacher. Here are 10 tips that work well when potty training your child.

Rewards - I know some people say don't give a child a reward for something they should be doing anyway, but I highly disagree. Give your child a sticker or a small piece of candy when they go in the potty. This can help make them want to go again. I used this method with both of my daughters and this helped a ton. They loved knowing that they would get something after they went and it made them want to go even more.

Target Practice for boys - This one only works with boys, but put some cheerios in the potty. Let him do some target practice and try to make it into the circles. This is fun and it gets them to use the potty.

Praise - Kids love to know you are proud of them. When they go in the potty, praise them. Clap for them, congratulate them, and even give them a hug. A little bit of praise can go a long way with children.

Watching other Children - If your child sees that their big sister or brother goes in the potty, they will want to do the same. This also works for daycare. When they realize that their friends no longer go in their diaper, they will want to be just like them. They don't need to watch just see them go into the bathroom and realize what is going on with them.

Patience - Remember that not all children are ready at the age of 2. If your child is not ready, give it a few months and try again.

Go for the Big Girl/Boy Panties - Some kids just need to feel the big girl/boy panties on them. They realize that it feels gross when they go in them. They don't want to ruin them and they just pick it right up.

Character Underwear - My daughter loves Dora the Explorer. She doesn't like to make Dora sad by going potty on her. Try a character your child loves on their underwear and it just might help.

Potty Seats - Some kids don't like the smaller potty chairs. They feel like they aren't doing the same thing as you and want to be grown up. Try a seat that goes onto the big potty. These worked better for both of my children. You can also buy a folding one that is portable to take along with you when you go places.

Night Time - Remember that night time might take a while. Children do not know when they have to go during the night until they are a bit older. It is okay if they still need to wear something when they are sleeping.

Big Reward - Tell them once they go a week without any accidents they can get a big reward. Buy them the toy they have been wanting forever. Nothing too big, but a $10 toy can do the trick.

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