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Ten Ingredients You Need To Check before Buying Weight Loss Supplements

Choose Weight Loss Pills
Choose Weight Loss Pills

Dieting can be a long and difficult process for many reasons, which is why many people use weight loss supplements to help them in their battle of the bulge. Weight loss supplements can be a safe, effective way to aid you in your weight loss plan, provided you choose the right ones. It is important to know what you're using and how well it works if you are going to make it a part of your diet plan. There are ten ingredients you need to check out before buying weight loss supplements. They are the most common ingredients found in these types of pills and we will explain how they work and which ones are safe to use.

Weight Loss and Supplements

Weight loss supplements have come under fire in recent years for being dangerous, even deadly in some instances. That is because some of these supplements are being sold as "miracle pills" that will help you take the weight off quickly, but these pills are not legitimate weight loss supplements. They can contain ingredients that can have an adverse effect on your health, like epinephrine, which can speed up your heart and cause permanent damage. There are proven supplements on the market that contain all natural ingredients to help you speed up your metabolism or burn fat more efficiently without harmful chemicals. These supplements, when combined with a healthy diet and exercise program, can enhance your body's ability to lose weight and make the journey a little easier.

Choosing The Right Supplement

When deciding on a supplement you must take certain things into consideration. Follow these steps before taking a supplement:

  • Speak with your physician. Talk with him to make sure you are healthy and able to take a supplement. Some ingredients may interfere with certain conditions or medications so this is important and will help you to know what ingredients you can use.
  • Read the labels. Check to make sure there are no hidden ingredients that could be harmful and that the bottle contains exactly what it advertises it does.
  • Check the registration number. Supplements should have a federal regulation number, so you know they have been tested and are approved as a safe weight loss method.
  • Read the side effects. All pills have some sort of side effect, even if it's a small one. Read the label so you know what to expect and are prepared to deal with it if it should happen. Pills with serious side effects may be questionable to use.

Ten Effective Supplemental Ingredients To Use When Trying To Lose Weight

These are the ten ingredients found in most supplements. It explains why they are used and how safe each one is.

  1. Chitosan: This is a sugar extracted from shellfish. It aids weight loss and lowers cholesterol but it's effectiveness is questionable due to inconclusive research.
  2. Chromium Picolinate: This is a metal and considered an "essential trace element". It aids weight loss and builds muscle by controlling blood sugar levels and changing the way your body uses insulin. It is very effective at increasing metabolism and promoting weight loss.
  3. Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA): This a nutrient found in red meats that helps lower body fat when combined with an exercise regimen. It is known to increase metabolism and aid in preserving muscle mass and is considered extremely effective.
  4. Glucomannan: This is a sugar made from Konjac plant that has been used in Japan for decades. It works by suppressing your appetite, so you don't feel hungry and eat less. It soaks up carbohydrates and water in your stomach and expands into a bulky fiber, so you gain less weight. It is considered one of the best supplements on the market and has been the subject of numerous studies.
  5. Green Tea Extract: This supplement is extracted from the leaves of the green tea plant and is shown to increase the amount of fat you burn. Green tea contains Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), which studies show improve your ability to burn fat by almost 1/3. Has been used successfully by many dieters and is highly recommended.
  6. Green Coffee Extract: This supplement comes from green coffee beans and contains chlorogenic acid, which is proven to slow down the amount of fat your body absorbs and increase metabolism. It is well documented for it's effectiveness and a popular choice of supplement.
  7. GuarGum: This is a soluble fiber that comes from the guar bean. It is used to make you feel full, which lowers blood sugar and helps you eat less. It has been banned by the FDA over concerns that it can obstruct the intestines.
  8. Hoodia: This is an extract from the Hoodia gordoni plant and naturally suppresses your appetite. It is not regulated by the FDA and can have serious side effects. It's effectiveness is debatable.
  9. Ephedra: This supplement comes from Ephedra sinica and was shown to increases heart rate and metabolism, causing weight loss. It was banned by the FDA due to serious side effects, including death in a few cases due to a heart attack.
  10. Bitter Orange: This supplement comes from the Bitter orange peel and contains Synephrine, a chemical similar to Ephedra and works the same way. It has not been proven to have positive weight loss effects and the FDA is looking into whether or not it is safe.

As you can see there are both good and bad weight loss supplements. Sit down with your physician before starting any supplement to ensure you are choosing tone that will benefit you. There are safe, effective supplements on the market just make sure you investigate thoroughly so you know you are buying the right one.